DIAMOND KOBRA is: Otto Løfgren (left) & Bjørn Bors Baconsson (right)

DIAMOND KOBRA is: Otto Løfgren (left) & Bjørn Bors Baconsson (right)


Back in 1984 Elin & Emeli-Sofi Lundin from Sweden started a band they named Diamond Kobra. 

As they had no recording equipment, they tried to figure out a way to get their music on tape. One night they had the chance to get into the Nightingale Studios for small money after the session of another group. 

They jammed the whole night and recorded a demo tape. Unfortunately a week later the studio was destroyed by a winter storm. It was rebuilt the same year by a new owner and the demo went into a provisional archive with the other remaining material from the studio. 

In 2017, 34 years later, Rögnvaldr Nyström bought the studio and found the Diamond Kobra demotracks. He remembered the last name on the tape: Lundin and asked his friend Otto Løfgren, who had married a woman from the Lundin family. It turned out his wife Ida was the aunt of the girls. Løfgren is a talented programmer and tech nerd and his friend Bjørn Bors Baconsson has a studio with a tape machine. As they heard the Diamond Kobra tape they knew they had to make an album out of it. It sounded like pure joy from the ’80s. They teamed up with their friends and fellow musicians to bring the music back to life and make an album out of it.

The sound from the 1984 recordings was great electronical music that had its own beautiful sound. It was time to add more vicious synthesizers and ripping guitars to blend it all into what Diamond Kobra does best:

High-Voltage Darksynth

Baconsson, who comes from a film scoring background, wrote a story for the album. A vision about a far future in which each song is one chapter of a novel. The characters and their story came together in the concept album which also contains soundtrack elements. 

The project began in early 2018 when recordings started in Sweden, Denmark, Germany and England. Løfgren and Baconsson were extremely happy when outstanding musicians like Hansi Kürsch of Blind Guardian, JM of Psychopunch, K.D. Johansen of Supercharger and the famous Amott Brothers (Michael Amott of Arch Enemy & Chris Amott) joined for the album production. 

The cover artwork was done by well-known movie poster artist Tom Hodge of The Dude Designs. A complete graphic novel is already in the making, too. Just like the sequel to the first album.

The journey has finally arrived at its destination:

Diamond Kobras first album “The Arrival”. 


B.B. Baconsson

Keys, Synthesizers, Voice
Otto Løfgren
Synthesizers, Voice, Programming

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Album: The Arrival
14 Songs, 35 minutes
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Guest appearances by:
Michael Amott (Arch Enemy, Spiritual Beggars)
Hansi Kürsch (Blind Guardian)
Jarmo JM Mäkkeli (Psychopunch)
Chris Amott (Dark Tranquility)
Vince van Roth (Balls Gone Wild)
K.D. Johansen (Supercharger)
Petor de Jong (Small Time Crooks)
Magnus Nordquist
Jonas Nordquist
Zoe Scarlett
Clare von Stitch
Queen Baroness
Sven Schmoll
Heyk Plum
Lova Dalberg

Logo design & album conception by
Pixeleye Industries

Novelization of the saga
Christian F. B. Belzer

Cover Design by
Tom Hodge, The Dude Designs